BJJ Training Goals: One Roll, One Goal [Infographic]

This article is to help you get the most out of your time on the mat by giving you some example BJJ training goals.

When I was researching BJJ rolling tips, one thing was clear:

It’s important to set AT LEAST one goal for every roll.

This will help you:

Retain what you’ve just learned.

Fix your weaknesses.

Develop your strengths.

So what are some examples of BJJ training goals? Which ones should be the priority?

BJJ Training Goals: And Which Ones Should Be Priority?

In Breaking Muscle’s article about goal setting while rolling, this quote really stood out:

“…if you approach rolling with the mindset of, “How many people can I tap out,” then you are going to end up with a short and unsuccessful BJJ career. Rolling is not about how many people you “beat” or the number of points you score. It’s about improving.”

Digging deeper, some examples of some good “Rolling Goals” I’ve come across include:

Infographic - BJJ Training Goals One Roll One Goal

1. Try to put into practice what you’ve just learned

If nothing else, when you roll you should try to put into practice what you’ve just learned. It could be a guard pass, sweep, escape of submission… but remember, everyone in class will expect it.

2. Work a specific technique

Have something you want to get better at? Keep your eyes open for opportunities to apply it.

ReadMy BJJ Techniques Checklist [Fundamentals for White Belt to Blue Belt]

But… depending on what your opponent is doing, it may not always be an option. So…

3. Get to target positions

Have a favourite position? Why not focus your training on transitions to this position from all other positions? Guard passes to back, side control to back, mount to back, back takes from guard… you get the picture.

4. Improve escapes from bad positions

Start your rolls in the bottom of the mount, side control, or your back taken. Sure, you’ll probably get tapped… but you will get better at escapes from these positions.

Check out: The Ace of Escapes by Prof. Gustavo Gasperin

5. Focus on a BJJ concept

Base, posture, structure? Frames and levers? The placeholder system? There’s 11 BJJ Concepts in the BJJ Formula… why not focus on REALLY getting to know one of these

6. Focus on a principle of Jiu Jitsu

There’s 21 principles of Jiu Jitsu. These go one step further than technique concepts… they’re about the overall approach to time on the mat. Master each of these, master Jiu Jitsu

[I’m currently focused on The 7 P’s of Guard Passing… it’s made a massive difference to how I’m approaching rolling]

What Are Your BJJ Training Goals?

Since I’ve come across this concept, it’s changed how I look at rolling!

To be honest…

I’m greedy! Because I’m trying to do more than one of these at a time (I’m working escapes by starting in bad positions, but also really thinking about the “Step 1” concept in the 7 P’s of Guard Passing)

What about you?

Comment below… let us know what your rolling goals are?

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