There are a lot of BJJ websites out there, and honestly, most of them are pretty good.

But… they’re focused on training specific techniques or BJJ news, and aren’t written for the person who’s trying to squeeze in a roll while they’re travelling (or just can’t get to training as much as they’d like).

My name is Michael, and I created Rolling Around because it’s the grappling site I would want to read.

Training BJJ at Home and On The Road?

What can you expect on the site?

Well for starters, I’ll share the things I’ve learned about regularly being a guest at clubs…

…plus the different ways I try to keep in shape for BJJ while I’m travelling.

My wife set me the goal of training in every state (yeah, I know, she’s awesome!). This gave me the green light to roll all around the country. For every club I visit I do a full recap so you know what it’s like there as a newcomer!

You’ll also get posts where I do product reviews. When we hit the road to do a lap of Australia in our caravan… it was without any of my gear. I’ve had to buy it all again – so as I test these things, you’ll get completely unbiased reviews from me.


We’ve taken a break from living on the road, and have set up a house! This means I’ve got an opportunity to train in one place (Victor Harbor BJJ). Unfortunately… I can only get there 1-2x a week

This means I’m really drilling down into what the experts say about:

  1. Training BJJ at home
  2. What I can do off the mat, but also
  3. How I can make the most out of every BJJ class I CAN get to.

As I learn, I’ll be sharing this information.

Something you love or want to see more of? Let me know!

Frequently Asked Questions About Me

I live a pretty unique lifestyle, so I get a lot of the same questions over and over. Here are some of the most common.

How Come You Travel So Much?

I left Adelaide the beginning of 2018 with a shedload of annual leave and long service leave under my belt. I continued to work with the same company while I’ve been on the road, either working remotely or picking up work as a physiotherapist around the country. I’m also a freelance writer and web developer.

You can learn more about all of that on our other site, A Big Peachey Adventure.

A Big Peachey Adventure

This changed our life. We’ve specifically built a lifestyle that has a few different sources of income, and travelling actually keeps our overheads low. Reading Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Work Week changed my life! Not to mention all of my travel is a business expense.

Where Are You in Your Grappling Journey?

I’m currently a BJJ blue belt (and have been for a looooong time!). I was a judo black belt (Shodan). I guess I still am, but without training as much I don’t feel like one!

Michael Peachey - Judo Black Belt (Shodan)

Are You Improving?

If anything, I’m getting back after a long time off training! I’m definitely learning different approaches to training and coaching styles. At least I’m not going backwards.

I Know a Coach at a Great Club, Want an Intro?


My favorite part about this adventure is figuring out where I can train. So far each club has been great. I love getting to meet new grapplers, and appreciate being accepted into every club I’ve been to.

So if you’d like to help out with an intro, shoot me an email at

I Love Grappling Too, Can I Write a Post for You?

You bet! Send us an email, and pitch us some ideas!


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