There are a lot of BJJ and Judo websites out there, and honestly, most of them are pretty good.

But… they’re focused on training specific techniques or competition news, and aren’t written for the grappler who’s trying to recover from injuries (or just can’t get to training as often as they like)

My name is Michael, and I created Rolling Around because it’s the BJJ and Judo website I would want to read.

Why Rolling Around?

I’m a qualified physiotherapist, sports power coach, sports trainer, Judo black belt (Shodan), and BJJ blue belt. I love the grappling arts… but travel A LOT. 

Michael Peachey - Judo Black Belt (Shodan)

What I don’t like?

I hate seeing injured BJJ and Judo practitioners caught in a cycle of bouncing between injury, time off the mats, then returning deconditioned (and at a higher risk of being re-injured). 

After I had an ACL reconstruction I realised that most health professionals just don’t understand the specific demands of the sports…

…and I had to develop my own step-by-step graded exposure and return to sport program. 

What can you expect on Rolling Around?

Well for starters, I’ll share information about how to prevent, manage, and rehabilitate common grappling injuries…

…and I’ll share the things I’ve learned about recovering from my own injuries. 


For a while I was travelling full-time so I couldn’t get to training as often as I would have liked. 

This meant I focussed on really drilling down into what the experts say about:

  1. Training BJJ at home
  2. What I can do off the mat, but also
  3. How I can make the most out of every BJJ class I CAN get to.

As I learn, I’ll be sharing this information.

Something you want to see more of? 

Let me know!


I’ve removed my email address because I was sick of getting offers to have apparel made or improve my SEO…

…so the best way to get in contact with me is to find me on Facebook. 

The Boring Stuff

Remember: All advice on this site is general in nature. Please consult your own physio to discuss how this information relates to your specific situation. 

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