My Yoga For BJJ Review: My Results After 3-Weeks [2019]

This article is my Yoga for BJJ Review…but it’s also where I’m going to show you my results.

What does a physiotherapist think of this program?

Well, in this review I’m going to answer that question, and a few more:

Is Yoga for BJJ really yoga for Jiu Jitsu… or is it just plain yoga?

Does the program improve your flexibility for BJJ?

And the big one:

Is yoga for BJJ worth the price?

[One of the good things about this question is that even if you don’t like my review, you can find out for yourself by signing up for the 2-week free trial]

My Yoga for BJJ Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On It…

I’m naturally an inflexible person. The type that if I don’t stretch regularly, I seize up like a rusty gate. Driving close to 30,000 km in the past year did not help!

So as part of my options for training BJJ at home, I got onto YouTube to search for some yoga routines that were specific to jiu jitsu… I came across the ‘Yoga for BJJ: Free Basic Class’.

When I checked out their website I saw that there was a free trial… what did I have to lose?

Worst case scenario:

I’d do 2-weeks, memorise the routines, and then do them myself….

What’s Included in Yoga for BJJ?

The first thing I thought was:

Wow, there’s a lot of content here!

And, how there’s different programs depending on your levels of level of flexibility. Good.

This is what’s included:

  • 4x Beginner Programs
  • 4x Intermediate-Advanced Programs
  • 7x Specialty Programs
  • 4x Yoga for Rocks Programs
  • 6x Specific Body Part Programs
Yoga for Rocks on the iPad App

To get a bit of a sense of how these are broken down, in just the beginner programs there’s the:

  • 10 in 10 Beginner Program: 10 days, 10 minutes, 10 areas
  • Yoga for Rocks: A month-long program for people who are stiff as rocks and aren’t ready for…
  • Start-Up Week: A program is for beginners that contains a daily tutorial & flow
  • Foundation Week: More challenging, and laying the foundation for future yoga

Ideally I would’ve watched all of the content before I wrote my Yoga for BJJ review… but there’s A LOT…

Who is Yoga for BJJ For?

Pretty much, it seems that there’s specific programs no matter where you’re at in your journey for flexibility for BJJ.

[And to be honest, there’s a lot that I’m just not even ready to try yet!]

So instead, I’ll continually update this review with some notes about each program as I graduate from each one:

The 10 in 10 Beginner Program: My First Impressions of Yoga for BJJ

They recommend that everyone starts off with this program… that’s 10 days, 10 minutes per day, 10 areas of focus.

Yoga for BJJ Review - 10 in 10

My thoughts on this is that it’s a good approach because it’s:

  • A good way to see where you’re at and what your deficits might be
  • Long enough to get a good sense of whether Yoga for BJJ is for you
  • It’s hard to find excuses to not stretch 10 minutes a day!

The 10 in 10 is all about forming the habit of doing a little bit of yoga everyday

This isn’t the sort of thing you have running in the background and just half-heartedly follow along….

… because it’s constantly changing, and you’re receiving continuos cues and prompts.


It’s like you’re stretching while listening to a dry-humour comedy routine… in a good way

Two things that impressed me the most was how Sebastian would:

  1. Relate some of the specific stretches or movements to what you would do on the BJJ mat, and
  2. Show modifications so that all of the stretches/movements in the 10 videos were ones that nearly everyone could do

[Unlike some of the other stuff I checked out on YouTube that I couldn’t even get into the start position!]

As a physiotherapist?

It got my tick of approval in terms of frequency, intensity, type of exercises, and timing.

Yoga for BJJ Review

Yoga for Rocks: Improve Your Guard with Yoga?

It was doing the ‘Yoga for Rocks Inverted Guard’ workouts when I knew that I was going to go past the free trial:

This was where it started to become quite Jiu Jitsu specific.

The stretches were related to:

  • Hip mobility in closed guard
  • Leg extension in spider guard, and
  • Flexibility to assist with guard retention

And, all movements are modified so even people as stiff as rocks can do them.

[To help the rocks, there’s plenty of assistance using either your belt or a wall]

There’s 5 workouts of about 20 minutes each… and it was this focus that really helped me to feel like I was opening up.

In the Yoga for Rocks series there’s a total of 4x programs. I’ll report on the next series soon…

[UPDATE] Content Delivery: There’s Now a Yoga for BJJ App

Yoga for BJJ App on iPad

When I first started writing this Yoga for BJJ review, one of my biggest complaints was going to be that there was no way to download it. You could only stream it.

But, they’ve recently released an app which does a pretty good job:

  1. Content is well organised
  2. You can mark favourites
  3. Content can now be stored locally

Yoga for BJJ’s Biggest problem has now been fixed!

Other than that, the way it’s delivered:

  • The instruction is clear
  • The audio is good
  • Easy to follow along, and
  • Sebastian is funny as!
Yoga for BJJ Review Comment on Reddit

Check Out My Results From Using Yoga for BJJ

I’m going to be honest here:

I don’t know if I’ve improved my flexibility in just 3-weeks.


I definitely feel better. My legs feel looser (not just on the mat, but even just getting around during the day)


I’ve taken some photos and will post them here each month for comparison

How Does it Compare With Free Stuff on YouTube

Before I trialed this I got onto YouTube to search for some yoga routines that were specific to jiu jitsu… and wasn’t that impressed

Sure it’s free, but the stuff on YouTube is either:

  • General yoga that won’t necessarily help your jiu jitsu
  • Includes movements that the average person couldn’t even get into the start position for, or
  • There’s only little bits and pieces of the good stuff
Yoga for BJJ vs YouTube
Apparently this is stretches for complete beginners…

Trust me, I like free stuff. But I don’t like wasting my time.

Yoga for BJJ Price: Cheaper Than a Casual Yoga Class

Yoga for BJJ is a membership subscription website (and app now too).

A year’s membership comes in at a bit over $14 a month. I think it’s worth the money because:

  • It’s cheaper than 1x visit at my local yoga studio
  • There’s specific programs depending on where your deficiencies are
  • I’m more motivated to actually stretch consistently because I’m paying for it!
Yoga for BJJ 2 Week Free Trial

[In the first 2-weeks you could do the entire ‘10 in 10 Beginner Program’ and part of the ‘Yoga for Rocks’ for free… click here to see if the trial is still available]

Conclusion: Very Happy With Yoga for BJJ

Overall, I’m really impressed with Yoga for BJJ. So far it’s helped me feel more mobile… and for the first time in a long time I feel committed to long-term improvement.

[Yes, I thought enough of it to pay for a subscription once my free-trial finished]

I highly recommend Yoga for BJJ especially if you’re not as flexible as you’d like…

But whether you’re a rock like me, or you can already do the splits, there’s programs on here that you’d find suitable.

Comment below if you have any questions about my Yoga for BJJ review:

Yoga for BJJ


Depth of Content


Clarity & Teaching Style


Content Delivery


Video and Audio


Value for Money



  • Lots of programs depending on your flexibility
  • Content designed to help BJJ movements and positions
  • Easy to follow along
  • Good production quality
  • The new app - can now store locally


  • A little pricey
  • PDFs of the different programs would be good if you’re repeating the same one a few times

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