Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness Review (2023) – Which Model?

The company Iron Neck is known for its unique halo neck training device of the same name. But on top of that, they also have a few traditional neck harnesses, and today we will review the best version- the Iron Neck Alpha Plus harness, which is our choice for the best neck harness on the market.


  • D-rings give you the ability to perform isometrics and rotational neck exercises
  • Two levels of adjustments make it suitable for almost every head type and size
  • Honeycomb neoprene on the inside ensures comfort and a nice feeling
  • Made from durable materials and stitched together in a way that guarantees years of training


  • Very expensive when compared to other neck harnesses, even though none of them have the same features as the Iron Neck harness

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Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness

Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness Review


The two big features that set apart the Alpha Plus neck harness from other neck trainer options on the market are the D rings and the unique vertical head strap on the top of the harness.

This strap allows you to adjust how high the whole harness will sit on your head, which completely solves the problem people with smaller foreheads have with other harnesses that go over their eyes.

The adjustable straps on the side additionally make the Alpha Plus harness a product people with all head sizes and shapes can use comfortably without having to use clever solutions and additional items to make it fit properly.

Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness

The other big thing is the D-rings. If you search online, you will find it hard to find a harness that has the option for both lateral and horizontal neck training.

Traditional neck harnesses allow basically just one movement—heavy-loaded neck extensions—while with the Alpha Plus Harness, you have a lot more options.

Aside from the regular neck flexion and extension, you can also attach bands to the four D-rings and perform isometric exercises and neck rotations, which makes this harness quite versatile. You just need to buy resistance bands with carabiners attached to them.

You can go for other brands, and they will work just fine, but Iron Neck also has sets with different resistance levels sold on their website, so you can pair the harness with one of the options there.

Then, instead of the regular chain used in other harnesses, the Alpha Plus comes with a nylon tether. The tether does a much better job of centering the weight as opposed to a chain, where the weight sits between two chain links and is not as equally balanced.

This versatility is one of the biggest selling points of the Iron Neck Alpha Plus harness, in addition to the excellent quality and build.

These features are why we've ranked this the best neck harness.

Comfort & Fit

Iron Neck Harness

For what it is, this neck harness is very comfortable. Harnesses in general look a bit like torture devices, and they are not meant to be comfy, but Iron Neck aimed to change that, and I can say they did a tremendous job at it.

A big part of the comfort here comes from the honeycomb neoprene on the inside, which makes the harness soft and gives it a nice feeling on your skin.

The straps I already mentioned take care of adjustment both in circumference and in height. There is also a chin strap to secure the harness even better to your head.

The strap is not always necessary, but it is helpful for some exercises like neck flexion with a plate hanging behind you.

All of this makes the harness as comfortable as this type of device can get.

Quality & Durability

Iron Neck Alpha Plus Review

The materials used in the Alpha Plus harness are of top quality, but they are not the only thing that determines durability. The stitching on all sides of the harness is flawless, and everything is perfectly put together.

The nylon used is extremely durable, and the D-rings are attached with reinforced stitching and can surely withstand more than you can pull with even the hardest resistance band. The neoprene is soft and pleasant and looks durable enough.

I am certain the harness will endure years of hard training with heavy weights before any visible deterioration starts to pile up.


The price of the Iron Neck Alpha Plus Harness is perhaps the most contentious point. Selling for $89, this harness is double the price of most other alternatives. But there is a good reason behind this price.

Most other harnesses can’t be adjusted, and when they can, it’s only in circumference and not in depth. The vertical head strap allows adjustment of the height, which is a unique feature of the Alpha Plus harness.

With other harnesses, you can only do flexion and extension. With the D-rings in the Alpha, you can attach resistance bands and do isometric and rotational exercises. So, With the Alpha Plus, you need to buy just one piece of equipment for all neck training purposes.

With these points in mind, I can say the Iron Neck Alpha Plus harness is worth the steep asking price.

What Is The Difference Between the Iron Neck Harnesses

Iron Neck Alpha vs Alpha Plus Neck Harness

Iron Neck offers its neck harness in three options- the Iron Neck Harness, Alpha Harness, and Alpha Plus harness coming at $29.99, $59.99, and $89.99 respectively. The first is the simplest one, comparable to other harnesses on the market.

The Alpha model adds a circumference adjustment strap and D-rings. The superior Plus model gives you all the adjustment options, which have been the only real problem with the cheaper versions of the Iron Neck Harness.


The Iron Neck Alpha Plus neck harness is the best neck harness on the market. The model has taken the traditional design and has given it a few upgrades which make it a much better version.

The top and side strap adjustments make it suitable for everyone while the D-rings give you the ability to train much more than vertical movements.

All of this comes as a very high-quality package and a must-have tool for neck training.

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Iron Neck Alpha Plus Neck Harness