XMartial Rash Guard Review (2023)

Gone are the days of the plain rash guard. Now, it's all about style, and who can wear the most daring design. If you've got the skills to back up wearing an OnlyFans rash guard, why not? But XMartial isn't solely known for their rash guard designs. The quality is what sets them apart from the competition.


  • The wackiest, most unique rash guard designs to express your personality.
  • The perfect ratio of stretch and compression, so it sits comfortably.
  • Flat-lock stitching, so it doesn't unravel with use.
  • Anti-slip gel waistband, so it doesn't ride up as you roll.
  • 100% money-back guarantee, so you know they stand behind the quality of their rash guards.


  • You can't wear the XMartial rash guards in IBJJF tournaments as they don't meet the color requirements.
  • Only a few minimal designs.

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XMartial Rash Guard

XMartial Rash Guard Review

Material & Quality

A simple way to judge the quality of the material is the thickness. Cheaper rash guards typically use thin material and poor stitching that unravels with use. XMartial rash guards use a thicker blend of polyester and spandex, giving them the perfect compression and stretch ratio.

They use flat-lock stitching, which keeps the stitching tight and flat against the rash guard, so it doesn't unravel with rolling or washing. Other rash guards of mine have the stitching come apart around the waist because it's not flat-locked.


XMartial Rash Guard Waistband

This is a feature I love in a rash guard. The anti-slip gel waistband means it stays secure around my waist when rolling hard. Rash guards with loose waistbands typically start to fall apart due to poor stitching and ride up your body as you roll.

The waistband is also elastic, so it tapers nicely around the torso and into the waist instead of flaring out, where it can get caught in the hands and feet.


The XMartial rash guard fits true to size. I have yet to run into anyone who has had sizing issues with the rash guards. I'm a size large in all my t-shirts, and I'm the same with the XMartial rash guard. Both long and short sleeves fit true to size.


These rash guards are some of the most comfortable I own. I have some rash guards that sit loosely around the midsection or don't have enough stretch. XMartial has got the formula right with a well-fitting rash guard.

It tapers around the torso, so you don't have a loose hanging t-shirt feeling. The material is moisture-wicking and feels like you have something between you and your training partner.


XMartial Rash Guard Design

You may have seen some of XMartial's rash guard designs at your BJJ or MMA gym. Funny tuxedos, leopard prints, and seasonal-themed rash guards like Halloween and Christmas. What's awesome is they consistently release new designs so you can always stay fresh.

Further, if you want a design printed on a rash guard, they do custom rash guards. You may have a BJJ club and want to create your own rash guards for your team. Then you can get everything done through XMartial, so you don't need to source the manufacturer yourself.


Prices range anywhere from $39 – $75 depending on the rash guard and if there are any sales. Regardless, you can use "ROLLBJJ" for a 10% discount if no sales are going on. And the value comes with the higher price point compared to cheaper rash guards on Amazon.

I have the cheap Amazon rash guards, and they hold nothing to the quality of the XMartial rash guard. As the saying goes, "buy nice, don't buy twice."

It's why XMartial are ranked the #1 best BJJ rash guard.


The XMartial rash guard should be the next rash guard you buy. It hits all the essential features of a rash guard and funky designs to express your inner menace on the mats. And if you're looking at BJJ gifts for loved ones, this will surely light a smile on their face.

XMartial Rash Guard