Planning on visiting other BJJ gyms while you’re travelling?

One of the great things about BJJ is you don’t need much gear so it’s easy to get some mat time in.

But while doing a lap of Australia in my caravan I’ve learned that BJJ schools have different rules

And this includes what gear you need to bring.

So if you plan on visiting other BJJ gyms while you’re travelling, here’s 6 things you should pack:

1. Pack a white Gi with no patches (OR shorts with no pockets)

White BJJ GiIt would suck to miss out on a great training opportunity because you brought the wrong gear.

The safest bet is to pack a lightweight white gi that doesn’t have any patches on it.

Planning on packing light and limiting your training to no-gi?


Some clubs have a rule of not having anything with pockets (for safety reasons)

Do yourself a favour and pack a pair of fight shorts… or at the very least boardies with no pockets and an internal drawstring. 

2. Bring a rashguard (even if you’re not planning on training no-gi)

Aside from all the other reasons for wearing one, wearing a rashguard under your gi is actually a rule in some gyms.

Fuji Japenese Art BJJ Rash Guards Australia

You’d hate to end up having to wear a cotton t-shirt instead!

I tend to travel with one of these so it can double up as my gym shirt. 

Otherwise, it’s my go-to is the Fuji Freestyle Rashguard (it’s an IBJJF approved rash guard). You can check out my my review here

After a rashguard?

Read: BJJ Rash Guards Australia: The 5 Best Places to Buy From [2019]

3. Don’t forget your mouthguard

I never used to train with a mouthguard…

…until I saw someone’s front tooth get knocked out by an accidental knee.

 Now, even if I forget to pack my best BJJ mouthguard (Venum ‘Challenger’), off to the chemist I go.

A cheap ‘boil and bite’ is better than nothing. 

I’m yet to come across a BJJ club that won’t let you roll without a mouth guard…

…but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

4. Pack some thongs (aka flip-flops)

Different clubs have different rules about where your shoes and feet are allowed.

Visiting Another BJJ Club - Wearing Shoes on Mats

In one of the clubs where the only place your bare feet could go was on the mat…

…the only thing I had with me was my leather work shoes.

Slipping those things onto my sweaty feet every time I wanted to get a drink of water?


5. Make sure you bring a water bottle

Even at the best of times it’s not fun having to wait in line to drink out of a tap.

For me that’s a good enough reason to bring a water bottle.

Zoolander Merman

But not all clubs are lucky enough to be located somewhere there’s a drinking tap handy… you might have to go down two sets of stairs to the water cooler.

(Or it might be that the only tap is a manky one in a bathroom)

6. If you plan on sweating, pack a towel

Some clubs ask you to bring a towel to every class.

Now you could just borrow one from the hotel…

…but I prefer to pack a microfibre towel so I don’t have to worry about getting lint everywhere.

Plus, with these towels you can just throw them in the wash with your gi.

Bonus: bring a notebook and pen if you’ve visiting other BJJ gyms

If you’re visiting other BJJ gyms there’s a good chance that the whole session will be filled with nuggets of information.

Different techniques.


New details.

Another way of explaining something that just ‘clicks’ with you.

I’ve come away from some sessions where everything just seemed to fit my approach to rolling.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve found making a few notes has really helped me to remember. 

A BJJ Training Journal can help… ironically this one is called “Jiu Jitsu Moves I Can’t F*@#ing Remember

Not only that… if you have a notebook and pen handy it’s a sign of respect.

It shows that you’re there to learn, and you’re interested.

Anything else you should take if you’re visiting other BJJ gyms?

If you’re planning on visiting other BJJ gyms while you’re travelling, some of these things will increase your chances of not accidentally breaking any club rules.

Some of these are things you should take to training anyway. 

Comment below… anything I’ve missed?