This blog was about how I was training BJJ on the road… but since I started it just on 3-months ago, things have changed.

It’s now changed to training BJJ at home AND on the road

Why ‘Training BJJ at Home’?

Well, we have a home now! A few planets were in alignment (work, schooling needs, and a super-busy toddler). We went from house sitting to moving into a house 2-weeks later.

Totally unplanned.

The good news is I’m now a local and have joined Victor Harbor BJJ. Awesome. But… I can only get to training once or twice a week.

This has meant that I’ve really had to think about how I can train BJJ at home (or at least do things to make the most of my time on the mat).

Getting back to BJJ after 40… training goals?

I’ve really had to think about how I’d return to training. So I set some goals.

In addition to ‘just go to Jiu Jitsu’ my training goals are:

  1. Work on my weakest attributes. Strength and endurance aren’t too bad. Flexibility though? I’m stiff as a rock.
  2. Remembering the details of the fundamentals.

Pretty much… my priorities have been about wanting to move better, and feel like I’m worthy of the belt I’m wearing

[I’m travelling to Japan later this year and plan to train at the Kodokan… I actually want to look like I’ve earned my Black Belt!]

BJJ online courses and resources that have helped my return

In the past I felt like I could pick and choose what I’d focus on (e.g. leg locks or back attacks).


I needed a little more structure…

  1. Yoga for Jiu Jitsu’. This one has been perfect for getting my hips loosened up (and motivating me to get more flexible)
  2. I put together My BJJ Techniques Checklist. This is to help prioritise which ones I’d focus on, working down the hierarchy of positions
  3. The Udemy course ‘The Most Important Techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’. I figured I’d be better off reacquainting myself with all the techniques on my checklist before really going super-deep on a few techniques/positions. It was great for this. Then I moved onto….
  4. The Ace of Escapes BJJ Online Course. This one has been awesome for really dialing-in my back, mount, and side-control escapes (this one course sorted my top 3 training priorities)
  5. Having some mats at home! I can only get to the mats once or twice a week. But having some mats has been awesome. I’ve been able to drill these escapes with one of the guys from the club

BJJ Mats at Home

I’ve made a point of starting nearly all of my rolls with my back taken or in the bottom of the mount.

Guess how many times I’ve tapped?

A lot.


But… my escapes from these positions have become more solid.

What’s next?

I’m moving better, and don’t feel like a complete fraud on the mat.

So now I can focus on developing my understanding of the BJJ concepts. I’m going through the BJJ Formula course. It’s solid.

Also, I heard a great interview on The Strenuous Life PodcastThe Strenuous Life Podcast with Paul Kindzia, who’s the author of the book Master Jiu Jitsu, Master Life. It made me think about how I’m using my limited time that I have at class…