The 5 Best Choices for a Ranked Rash Guard [Blue Belt]

This article is to help you choose a ranked rash guard blue belts can get that’s IBJJF approved… AND still looks good

When I needed something that met the IBJJF ranked rash guard rules, these were the 5 that came up at the top of the search…

So I researched and compared them for:


Style and design.


[Then I made my choice…. which one? You’ll find out below]

You can also find my best BJJ rash guards in my review.

Here they are:

Tatami Ranked Rash Guard ‘IBJJF Legal’

Tatami Ranked Rash Guard Blue
Click on the image to visit Tatami Fightwear

Tatami don’t just make BJJ gear with gorillas playing chess! They’ve now also got their range of Tatami IBJJF Legal Rank Products.

What I like about this one is its design… because it doesn’t stand out as something that has blue on it just to be an IBJJF approved rash guard.

It’s got the quality features you’d expect (sublimated graphics and the 80/20 mix of Polyester and Spandex)

Check it out on the Tatami website (IBJJF Longsleeve Rank Rash Guard)

Scramble Ranked Rash Guard ‘Roundel’

Scramble Ranked Rash Guard Blue Roundel
Click on the image to visit Scramble Brand

The Scramble Roundel Rash Guard is only available in blue…

…so there’s no doubt it’s a IBJJF approved rash guard!

At first I thought this was a bit too plain for me. But, the design on the back really adds to it.

Scramble Brand make some pretty good quality stuff. And this has the typical combination of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex.

Check it out here on the Scramble Brand website

Shoyoroll Ranked Rash Guard ‘CS Q1’

Shoyoroll Ranked Rash Guard Blue
click image to see if any available… good luck!

What happens if you make bugger-all of something… and then put a big price tag on it?

They sell out quickly.

And get resold for even more.

Crazy, hey?

That’s the Shoyoroll CS Q1 LS Ranked Rash Guard Blue.

Actually, it’s all of the colours… and most of their Jiu Jitsu products!

[If you check their website most of their stuff is sold out]

So… even I chose this one, the only place I would have been able to get one was from eBay.

Gameness Ranked Rash Guard Blue ‘Pro’

Gameness Pro Ranked Rash Guard Blue Short SleeveI was automatically drawn to the Gameness Ranked Rash Guard.

Why? Because I love the Gameness Air Gi. It’s the best BJJ Gi for travelling and training in hot climates. It’s super comfortable.

So when I found that the main features of this rash guard balance comfort (moisture-wicking fabric) with durability (flat lock stitching on the seams)… I believed them.

But… the pattern just didn’t grab me.

I’ll still probably give one of these a go next time I head up to the tropics…

Check availability here

Editor’s Choice: Fuji Ranked Rash Guard Blue ‘Freestyle’

Fuji Freestyle IBJJF Long Sleeve Ranked Rash Guard Blue
Fuji Freestyle Ranked Rash Guard Blue

From all of these choices, I picked the Fuji Freestyle Ranked Rash Guard for 4 reasons:

  1. Yep, it’s an IBJJF approved rash guard, but
  2. It’s still stylish with its picture of Mt Fuji and its Japanese writing (Hiragana), and
  3. The design is subtle enough that it can double up as a gym training top if I’m travelling and desperate, and
  4. It doesn’t stink (because it has anti-microbial fabric, whatever that means)

I’ve been very happy with it.

Read: Fuji Freestyle Rashguard Review: An IBJJF Approved Rash Guard

This one wasn’t the cheapest rash guard (not the most expensive either).

But… from all the reviews I read (and my experience so far) it’s quality that will last.

Check it out here

What’s your favourite?

So these were the 5 best ranked rash guards I had to choose from when I wrote this.

My choice was the Fuji Freestyle.

What about you…

Comment below: which one’s your favourite? Are there any better ones that I should’ve bought instead?

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