When you first start training BJJ it ruins your illusion of being a good fighter

It’s one of the biggest lessons BJJ has taught me

[And it’s number 3 in the article 7 Reasons Why BJJ is the Worst Martial Art… Ever]

The thought of getting into a fight is best summed up by Joe Rogan:

Joe Rogan Speaks on Untrained People vs Martial Artists

“You see some young guy, he looks reasonable athletic, you have no idea what he can do to you. He might be a cigarette smoker with no martial arts experience whatsoever or he might be a Muay Thai champion.

When you’re in range of him, all of a sudden, boom! You’re unconscious, you have no idea what happened, he punched you in the face so fast you had no idea.

Most people have never been involved in a physical altercation with a trained martial artist. They have no idea how vulnerable they really are. They’re walking around… I’ve seen people get in arguments before and get crazy with people and start fights and then watch the fights take place and it boggles my mind on how this guy was so confident to get into a physical altercation but he’s got no idea what to do!

I think there’s just so much ignorance and ego involved in the average person when it comes to physical altercations. It would do a lot of people good just to realize how vulnerable they are…

Joe Rogan on What a Tap Means

What is a tap? A tap is a way where you can train is safe, where you can say “you got me.” But what is really a tap? A tap means you’re dead. Essentially you’re playing a game called “I killed you with my body, or you kill me,” or we kill each other several times over the course of a 7 minute rolling session, and then we shake hands and say thanks man for the great session…

Joe Rogan on Adversity…

There’s some people that never faced this adversity, they never face physical adversity and they’re terrified of it. They never faced mental adversity and had some sort of easy, non-testing job and thats how they function in and out of every day. When you’re in that situation you’re like a car that’s never been pushed past 50. You wouldn’t know how to drive it or know what’s happening… It’s just like how you wouldn’t know what to do with you body when you get into a bad situation…

People who think you can’t do it… if your body works you can do it. You don’t have to jump in with killers: take the beginners classes, learn some techniques, and its fun! You know what, you just need to be able to be tapped out, when they get you, just tap! Figure out what you did wrong, and just go back in there and learn.

It is a vehicle for developing your whole life.”


What do you think? What about the drowning analogy in the video?