Iron Neck 3.0 Pro Review (2023) – Is It Worth It?

Neck training is important for bodybuilders, office workers, and athletes, but for us as martial artists, it is outright mandatory. The neck harness and rubber bands have been the standard for a long time, but if you want to have the single best piece of equipment for neck training, look no further than the Iron Neck 3.0.


  • Train the neck through a full 360° range of motion.
  • Alleviate any neck pain from training or sleeping or bad posture.
  • Strengthen the neck isometrically, rotationally, and using eccentric and concentric movements.
  • Made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability over a long period.
  • The only device to mobilize and strengthen the neck at the same time.


  • The price is out of the budget of some people.
  • It’s not too comfortable at first but you get used to it quickly.

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Iron Neck 3.0 Pro

How Does The Iron Neck Work?

The Iron Neck is a unique training tool with a unique look. The halo plastic hat may seem out of place in a gym, but it is a cleverly designed piece of gear made to tackle all possible variations of neck training.

It is unique because it allows rotational neck exercises at 360° and movements like diagonals, figure eights, left and right, and many others.

The Iron Neck provides linear resistance through an elastic band attached to the main halo. By stepping away from the anchor point, you can increase the resistance. The pro version has a friction dial, which can increase the resistance for rotation exercises.

We will cover some exercises further down the review, but the design allows you to work muscles and angles that are otherwise impossible.

You can work isometric holds, concentric movements against resistance, rotational movements, and combinations between them.

This is what makes the Iron Neck so good: it strengthens and mobilizes the muscles supporting the head simultaneously.

Iron Neck 3.0 Pro Review

Having a strong and mobile neck will help you injure less, resist submissions, hold certain positions while grappling, and reduce the chance of concussions. Not to mention, you will look better with a thick neck.

And my favorite neck training equipment is the Iron Neck, which I have used for some time, but now I want to highlight the latest version, the Iron Neck 3.0.

Iron Necks used to come in a few different options, which could confuse customers. Now this is gone; you can choose only between the 2.0 Pro, the 3.0, and the 3.0 Pro versions.

The difference between the last two is in the friction dial present in the Pro version, which allows you to increase the friction for rotational exercises.


Iron Neck 3.0 Unboxing

The Iron Neck comes in a nice branded box, and upon opening the package, you will see the main device, and underneath it are the necessary accessories. Here is what you get:

  • The Iron Neck main halo device
  • A blue resistance band
  • 3 different sized foam pads
  • 3 attachments for the resistance band. A loop for a rack or pole, a door or tree trunk strap, and a door attachment
  • A skull cap for extra comfort, which can also come in handy if more people use the device


Iron Neck Benefits

The 3.0 is better than ever, thanks to a few key features. First of all, the new thing is the friction dial, which acts as a brake, and you can make it tighter for more resistance on the rotational plane, like when you perform Left and Right.

Aside from having different foam paddings to accommodate different head sizes, the Iron Neck 3.0 also has an air pump, which ensures it fits tight to your head and does not move around during exercises.

While the older version wasn't a perfect fit for people with small heads, the 3.0 has fully resolved this problem with the new fitted foam pieces and the pump.


Is Iron Neck Worth It

The Iron Neck is built to last, produced from high-quality hard ABS plastic, which can take a beating in the gym. Earlier iterations were made from metal, but the device was too heavy, so Iron Neck moved to plastic to reduce the weight and increase comfort.

But do not worry, the expensive unit won't break easily because it's plastic. The materials used and how it's assembled ensure durability over time. The Velcro is solid, and all the other parts are high quality.


Iron Neck Attachments

The Iron Neck 3.0 is comfortable, considering what it is. It is much lighter and smaller than the 2.0, and after a few uses, you will get used to it and not notice any problems. The company has gone to great lengths to improve the comfort of the older versions, which has been a common complaint.

The new foam padding and the pump are a big step in the right direction. There is also an adjustable top strap regulating how high on the forehead the unit will be, and it is even color-coded, so you can remember which color bar best suits you.

Iron Neck Pro Review

The chin strap holds the whole thing on your head when performing movements facing away from the resistance band.

The inside is made from antibacterial foam, but you also get a skull cap with your Iron Neck to protect your head further. The cap comes in handy if more than one person uses the device, and you can buy more skull caps from the Iron Neck website at a low price.


As I said, the most significant benefit of the Iron Neck is that it covers every angle and movement, including isometric, rotational, concentric, and eccentric movements. Because of this, there are a lot of exercises you can do, depending on your goal.

One of my favorites is the Left-Rightght exercise, which is very simple but efficient at resolving the neck stiffness I often suffer from when I spend the whole day over a keyboard or after being neck cranked.

The good news is Iron Neck provides different training programs like posture mechanics, rehab, and what we are most interested in, combat sports training. The first part of each series is free on YouTube, but if you want to use the whole program, you have to buy it from the Ion Neck website.

Considering the product's price, I believe the programs should be free for those who purchase. But Iron Neck charges $9.99 per program, so keep this in mind.


The biggest complaint about the Iron Neck is the hefty price, which is entirely normal. The unit used to cost $600, a lot for something that would only train your neck. Luckily, Iron Neck has reduced the price, and you can also use our discount code.

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The Iron Neck shouldn't be compared to a neck harness or any other neck training device. They are all good and have their uses, but no neck harness is a complete training system with 4-in-1 benefits for recovery, prevention, posture, and mobility.

The Iron Neck is designed to replace all other equipment, including bulky and expensive 4-way machines found in some gyms and training facilities.

So if you have the budget, the Iron Neck is worth it, especially for those involved in high-collision sports. Some suffer from neck pain and headaches from working at a desk the entire day, and the Iron Neck is excellent at alleviating pain and stiffness from bad posture.

Iron Neck 3.0 Pro

How To Use The Iron Neck At Home

The Iron Neck is the perfect tool to have at home as an athlete, especially for those of us into combat sports. The unit comes with three attachments, making it versatile in terms of where you can use it.

There is the option to use it on a door inside, but the problem is that you are restricted by the height of the hinges, which is why I prefer using the Iron Neck on a tree or a pole.

With the three attachments, I am confident you will find a way to use the Iron Neck where it's convenient. In this video, you can see a quick guide about how to use the attachments.

Comparing The Iron Neck 2.0 and 3.0

If you have the older version and wonder if the new one is worth it, here are the main differences between the two:

  • The Iron Neck 3.0 is 20% smaller.
  • The 3.0 is 33% lighter than the 2.0, which is notable when using it.
  • The 3.0 has an internal track which is smoother when rotating vs. the 2.0.
  • The 3.0 has a better fit and is much more comfortable.

The key area where the device saves space is the internal vs. external track. It is much less bulky, and the back inflating pad isn't as large. Because of its smaller size, the Iron Neck 3.0 is substantially lighter.

It makes exercising more comfortable without making you feel like you're wearing heavy hardware on your head, although the benefits are well worth it, even with the heavier version.


The Iron Neck 3.0 Pro is designed to help you strengthen your neck effectively. Its improved fitting mechanism now caters to a wider range of head sizes and shapes. You can vary the resistance with the friction dial taking customization to a new level, allowing you to fine-tune your workout intensity.

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Iron Neck 3.0 Pro