Can Opener BJJ

Can Opener BJJ Submission

Brazilian jiu-jitsu prides itself on being a methodical and highly technical style and has often moved away from techniques deemed to be brutish or bully-ish. This does not mean they are ineffective, and one of the most popular, easy-to-execute, and commonly frowned-upon techniques is the can opener. The can opener is a spine lock executed from top closed guard by … Read More

Choi Bar

Choi Bar BJJ Technique

Even after modern leg locking systems were introduced to no-gi, straight armlocks remain one of the most common finishing methods, along with chokes and leg locks. The armbar has many variations, but the Choi bar is among the most powerful. The Choi bar is a variation of the reverse armbar that is usually done from half-guard or half-butterfly. It requires … Read More

Closed Guard

Closed Guard (BJJ Full Guard For Maximum Control)

The guards are the biggest contribution of jiu-jitsu to the world of grappling. They are essentially a way to fight off your back effectively, and the closed guard has been a staple of the art of jiu-jitsu in all areas—self-defense, grappling competition, and MMA. A closed or full guard is a position where the bottom player has their legs around … Read More

Aoki Lock

Aoki Lock (Devasating BJJ Ankle Lock Submission)

The world of BJJ leg locks is vast, and the scales can tip in both directions instantly. One interesting leg lock that can be used as a counter, even if you are caught in a bad position or when you are in a dominant one, is the Aoki lock. But what is it? The Aoki lock is a foot lock … Read More

X Guard

X Guard BJJ (Ultimate Guide & Variations)

Do you know which guard offers the most sweeping options and is the hardest to pass? If your answer is X-guard, you are most likely correct. Equally effective in gi and no-gi, the X-guard gives you insane control over the opponent’s weight with minimum effort. The standard X-guard has you under a standing opponent, with one foot hooked behind their … Read More

BJJ vs Systema

BJJ vs. Systema (Which Is Better?)

Finding a more controversial and universally regarded fake martial art than Systema is difficult. The weird training, too fluid and flexible movements, and incredibly unrealistic demonstrations have not earned the Russian style a good name in the martial arts community. Is there any point in comparing it to BJJ, which is proven to be an effective fighting style? On most … Read More

Best Beginner BJJ Gi

Best Beginner BJJ Gi [2024] – Bought & Tested

The gi symbolizes Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is crucial to the grappling itself. From the first day you step on the mats with the intention of training in the traditional style, you will need a gi.  But not all gis are the same and not cheap either, so which one should you pick? A quick look at what’s on the market may … Read More

Arm Triangle Choke

Arm Triangle (Head & Arm Choke) BJJ Submission

The arm triangle is one of the most powerful and potent submissions in jiu-jitsu. It can be approached from all top positions, has a very low risk if unsuccessful, and is equally effective in gi, no-gi, and MMA. The arm triangle, also called the head and arm choke, is a strangulation where you use your arm and head to apply … Read More

Best BJJ Books

Best BJJ Books [2023] – Concepts, Technique, Kids, Mental, & More

In the digital world we live in today, books may no longer be the main outlet from which you get knowledge next to learning from an actual instructor, but they are still extremely valuable. The brain processes information differently when reading, and the act gives you time to reflect and reread the essential bits. In addition, books are a great way … Read More

Crucifix BJJ

Crucifix Position In BJJ (Maximum Control)

Having someone’s back is one of the most dominant and efficient ways to control them, which is why the back mount is so well rewarded under all grappling rulesets and fought for in MMA and real fights. But what’s sometimes even better is having back control and control over the hands of the opponent, and this is achieved through the … Read More