This is a roundup of the best BJJ infographics I could find.

Why these particular infographics?

Because the information on them isn’t just interesting… I found them helpful to identify which techniques I should be focusing on.

And how to train them.

Here they are:

Infographic Showing The Best BJJ Submissions

This infographic was created when Stephan Kesting from Grapplearts asked:

What is your most reliable and most effective submission in BJJ?

From the 533 responses, there was just under 50 submissions listed:

The Best BJJ Submissions Infographic


But… the key takeaway for me is:

The majority of BJJ practitioners listed these as the top 5 most reliable and effective submissions:

  1. Triangle choke from guard
  2. Armbar from mount
  3. Kimura from guard
  4. Kimura from sidemount
  5. Armbar from guard

Infographic of Eddie Bravo Invitational Statistics

This is an interesting infographic because it shows:

  • What techniques are effective at high levels of the sport
  • How rule sets affect what techniques work best, and
  • How effective heel hooks are when they’re allowed

If you take the ‘quickest escape time’ out of the equation, then the top 5 match finishes were by:

  1. Rear naked choke
  2. Heel hook
  3. Armbar
  4. Inside heel hook
  5. Kneebar

Credit: Attack The Back

Winning BJJ… With Science Infographic

What I like about this BJJ infographic is:

It goes one step further than analysing the effectiveness of individual techniques.

Winning BJJ With Science Infographic

You get your money’s worth in the conclusion:

The most effective and efficient way to win a fight is to get a take down that immediately creates a submission attack opportunity

Source: Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

The Home Life vs BJJ Life Calculator

“Hah hah hah… oh.”

That was my reaction when I saw this:

Meerkatsu Home Life vs BJJ Life Calculator Infographic

Meerkatsu’s Very Scientific Home Life vs. BJJ Life Calculator should be an infographic to remind you that Jiu Jitsu is addictive. It can ruin relationships.

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Infographic Showing BJJ Training Goals

When researching BJJ rolling tips it was clear that you can improve faster if you set training goals.

Here’s some example goals you could use each roll:

BJJ Infographic Training Tips and Training Goals One Roll One Goal

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Infographic Showing BJJ Techniques Which Become Legal at Each Belt

Why is this one of the best BJJ infographics?

Because if you plan on competing…

…you should know what the IBJJF rules as fouls and illegal moves

[It might help guide what you focus on in training]

BJJ Techniques Which Become Legal at Each Belt Infographic

Infographic Showing The Commandments of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Lists of rules are boring. Especially when most of them are common sense and shouldn’t need to be said, but…

…we’ve all come across someone who’s done some of these things:

The Commandments of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Infographic

Toro BJJ have done a good job of making it so you want to read them.

And, they’ve highlighted the things that should apply to any Jiu Jitsu school

[Remember though, there’s probably more club-specific rules that apply to do with what you wear, who you can ask to roll, etc]

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belts Infographic

This infographic serves as a good reminder:

BJJ belts are few and far between.

You’re probably progressing, even if you don’t think you are.

You might train solidly for 4-5 years and still have a BJJ Blue Belt… so have realistic expectations

[Especially if you come from a TMA where you could expect to get more than one belt in a single year!]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belts Infographic

Source: Relson Gracie Australia

Alliance BJJ White Belt Curriculum Infographic

If think that you’re lucky if you’re a white belt and training at Alliance BJJ:

There’s no doubt what you’re in for…

…and what you should be focusing on

[Instead of watching how to do Iminari Rolls on YouTube]

Pretty decent assortment of takedowns too:

Alliance BJJ White Belt Curriculum

I’d print this and tick off each technique once I became proficient at it

It’s more visually appealing than what I put together for myself: My BJJ Techniques Checklist [Fundamentals for White Belt to Blue Belt]

Your Turn: Which of These BJJ Infographics is Your Favourite?

Which of these are your favourites?

Are there any other BJJ infographics that you should be on this list?

Comment below… or even better, link to it!