BJJ Class Structure: The Harvard Math Class Analogy [Quote]

This article is about BJJ class structure…

…and what it would be like if a math class at Harvard was taught like most BJJ classes

Paul Kindzia is the author of ‘Master Jiu-Jitsu Master Life: How To Create An Extraordinary Life Through Jiu-Jitsu

Paul was being interviewed by Stephan Kesting on ‘The Strenuous Life’ Podcast

This is how it goes:

BJJ class structure: The Harvard math class analogy

Jiu Jitsu, for the majority of academies, is still being taught where you show up to class and they just randomly pick three moves, with no curriculum, no method or madness.

It’s just like:

“Hey we’re gonna learn three moves today.”

And guess what?

When you walked into class, there’s a whole host of people that started at different times.

Like, it’s day one for you. So you’re on Chapter 1, Page 1. But then for someone else they’re on Chapter 5, someone else is Chapter 7, someone else is a Brown Belt, this guy took time off.

Can you imagine like if you showed up at Harvard as a Freshman…

[and they have all the classes and all the years in the same classroom]

…and you said I want to be a Math Major, right?

Okay, I got to the best school at Harvard.

I’m declaring I want to study math, and they said:

“Great, come to math class Monday at 10 am and we’re going to put this brilliant professor in front of you.”

And then, the professor, who is a Black Belt in math, just says:

“Okay, here’s an algebra problem, here’s a geometry problem, and oh yeah, and here’s a concept on derivatives.”

Now, your neighbour to your left, they’re already a Graduate Student, and the guy to your right, he’s a Sophomore. And then this guy, likes conceptual math, and this is abstract math. And like you guys are all just taking this math.

You walk in, like Day 1 to your Harvard math class, and there’s no textbook, there’s no curriculum, there’s no syllabus.

And then they just tell you:

“Like, look dude, if you just keep coming to math class, like eventually you’ll kinda figure it out, just like time on the mat.”

But that’s exactly what happens in Jiu Jitsu.

Is this BJJ class structure analogy accurate?

It was hearing this quote that sold me on checking out his book:

ReadMy Review of Master Jiu-Jitsu Master Life: How To Create An Extraordinary Life Through Jiu-Jitsu

[In this review I mention being taught Iminari Rolls before I knew the proper details of how to do a Triangle Choke from Closed Guard!]

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