My ‘BJJ Back Attacks Formula’ Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

Don’t pay for an instructional series, there’s plenty of free stuff on YouTube! Why purchase a BJJ back attacks formula, when all the pieces are already out there? Yep, that was me. 

My name is Michael Peachey, and this article is to review the BJJ Back Attacks Formula that’s made by Stephan Kesting’s Grapplearts. 

Yep, I never wanted to pay for a BJJ information product. Not only did I think that you could find it all for free anyway… but my main hesitation was because I didn’t think my brain could handle it. I mean, training a couple of times a week? I already couldn’t manage to put everything I was learning into practice!

What’s the point of getting an encyclopedia’s worth of BJJ information just dumped into my brain? It’d be a jumble, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.

But then I had to miss a few training sessions…

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My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On the BJJ Back Attacks Formula

So there was a few weeks of not learning anything BJJ related.

I thought, “well, if I’m not training, I may as well use some of the fees I’ve saved to try and keep my BJJ mind active”.

And, for the most dominant position in BJJ… my back attack game sucked. 

So when I came across this, I thought why not? That Stephan Kesting guy seems like a pretty nice dude… and I almost felt like I owed him something from the amount of free stuff I’d already watched… 

I thought I’d dip my toe in the water by buying just this part (it’s Volume 4 of The BJJ Formula)

Who’s it suitable for?

I was surprised how this content was layed out. It’s like a step-by-step instructional. The way it’s explained means that as a newish white belt you would get a ton out of this. As someone who has been grappling for 10+ years, I still got A LOT out of this. 

When I bought it, I thought this was just about back attacks. Not really.

The BJJ Back Attack Formula

What’s Included In BJJ Back Attacks Formula?

Sure it’s always hard to come up with a product name… but I think calling this the “BJJ Back Attacks Formula” really doesn’t sum up what this is all about! 

I was very surprised at just how much was included. It covers:

  • An introduction to the back position
  • Core concepts for the back
  • Creating the turn
  • Controlling rear mount
  • Establishing back mount
  • Escaping the turtle
  • Breaking the turtle
  • Advanced back takes
  • Escaping back mount
  • Resetting the back
  • Finishing from the back

What’s more, for each of these sections there’s 3-6 videos. That’s 3 hours and 20 minutes of getting to, maintaining, and finishing in the back position.

It looks like they’ve now included the ‘A Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’ book and eCourse (click here to see if it’s still included)

I’ve found that by using the BJJ Back Attacks Formula I was able to:

  • Improve my depth of understanding of some basic concepts
  • Learn some new techniques 
  • Incorporate it into a game plan
  • Put it into practice the very next time I trained!

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BJJ Back Attacks Formula Compared With Ryan Hall’s Back Attack DVDs

Even though the BJJ Back Attacks Formula was comprehensive enough for me, they kept on referring to Ryan Hall’s Back Attack DVDs. Made me wonder if there was anything they’ve skipped?

I haven’t seen the Ryan Hall DVD’s myself, but the reviews on Amazon average at 5.0 stars:

Sounds like it’s more in-depth, whereas the BJJ Back Attacks Formula is chunked up into smaller bite-size pieces. 

BJJ Back Attacks Formula Pros & Cons

BJJ Back Attacks Formula Pros


For someone who was so sceptical about buying a BJJ information product, there’s quite a few things I like about it. So what’s good about it?

  • I really like how it’s not just a bunch of information, but it is structured in a really logical progression. 
  • You can watch a video, focus on mastering that technique, then come back when you’re ready to progress
  • It’s not just a bunch of techniques. The way it flows from one topic to another means you can visualise how you turn it into a game plan
  • Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki do a great job of explaining things. Both black belts, they obviously know their stuff.
  • Production quality is good, with camera angles and audio that make it really easy to understand. 
  • It’s not just the BJJ Back Attacks Formula… it’s the whole taking, controlling, and finishing system!

BJJ Back Attacks Formula Cons


To be honest I didn’t really find any faults with the BJJ Back Attacks Formula but here’s a couple of things I thought about it:

  • Even though there really is no filler in any of the individual videos, there was so much content I got a little overwhelmed
  • The ‘Escaping the Turtle’ and ‘Breaking the Turtle’ sections could have been their own product (even though they’re good, if they weren’t there to start with you wouldn’t have been left feeling like you’ve missed out)
  • Rob Biernacki makes a few jokes that aren’t everyone’s taste. Lucky for me I must have a warped sense of humour!
  • Other than that, the BJJ Back Attacks Formula is a good buy and I’m really happy with it.

My Results From Using the BJJ Back Attacks Formula

One of my initial fears about this product was around “what’s the point of knowing more back attacks, if I can’t get there.”

But, after using just part of the BJJ Back Attacks Formula, I was able to make changes to my game the very next session!

I chose to focus on two different back takes (one from guard, and one from mount). I don’t know whether it was the techniques or just my change in focus, but I definitely got the back more the next session.

Finishing? I was better able to make my existing BJJ Back Attacks into a Formula.

And, to be honest, I’ve still got a lot of the content to “master”

BJJ Back Attacks Price: What A Bargain, Here’s How I Got Mine Cheap!

I bought this volume by itself on Amazon (only available on Android devices). That’s less than the price of a casual visit at a lot of places.

I’ve since bought more… check out the options for buying the whole BJJ Formula series at Grapplearts.

Not only is there more information in this than a lot of classes you’ll go to, you can keep going back to it. 

To me, that’s a really good deal.

Conclusion: Very Happy With the BJJ Back Attacks Formula

Overall, I’m very impressed with the BJJ Back Attacks Formula. More than back attacks, it helped me improve my taking, controlling and finishing from the back. And, because I have it saved on my iPad, I can keep going back to the content.

I highly recommend this product, especially if you cant get to training as much as you’d like. 

Click here if you would like to purchase

Well, thanks for reading this BJJ Back Attacks Formula review. I hope it answered any questions you may have. But if you do have any questions please leave a comment below.

BJJ Back Attacks Formula


Depth of Content


Clarity & Teaching Style


Content Delivery


Video and Audio


Value for Money



  • Basic concepts and advanced techniques
  • A whole back taking, controlling, and finishing system
  • Well structured and really logical progression
  • Great explanations of techniques
  • Good production quality (makes it easier to learn)


  • Too much content to digest in one go
  • ‘Escaping the Turtle’ and ‘Breaking the Turtle’ sections could have been their own product
  • Dad jokes

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