This article is to review The Ace of Escapes, a BJJ online video course about how to escape, defend, and survive from the 3 most dominant positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

Bottom mount.

Bottom side-control.

Back taken.

It’s pretty cheap. When you pay $100-$200 for a course, you think “wow, it must be good”

So… if something has a lower price tag the question is… is it worth the money?

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On The Ace of Escapes…

I first purchased Ashi Garami Fundamentals, one of Prof. Gustavo Gasperin’s other MMA Leech courses:

It was solid. The way this course was put together, and the teaching style… awesome.

Ashi Garami Fundamentals Online Video Course Featured Image

So I was lucky enough to receive this one too. But I’ll be honest:

This course sat unopened for weeks. Becoming an ‘Ace of Escapes’ didn’t really excite me.

That was until I read ‘The New Shiny Object Syndrome’ chapter in Mastering the 21 Immutable Principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

Do I know exactly how to properly escape from mount or back control, knee on belly, side control, arm-bars, chokes, triangles, omoplatas, Americanas and Kimuras?

If the answer is no (or maybe), then stop focusing on whatever you’re currently focused on, and dedicate at least the next two months to working on escaping those positions.

This was about the time I was putting together My BJJ Techniques Checklist [Fundamentals for White Belt to Blue Belt]

My BJJ Techniques Checklist (White Belt to Blue Belt)

…and it made me realise:

The things in the Ace of Escapes BJJ course were the things I should be focussing on NOW.

It sounded like it could be the answer to some problems I didn’t even really know I had!

My First Impressions of The Ace of Escapes

I have to say I was a little surprised. It looked like there was nowhere near the amount of content compared with Ashi Garami Fundamentals.

It looked like there was only 5 main videos before it went on to ‘extras’

The Ace of Escapes BJJ Online Course Library

I was wrong.

The big difference is that there’s less videos…

…but there’s A LOT in each one.

Each video covers one topic. In depth.

I didn’t realise it, but there’s over 4 hours worth of content!

What’s Included With The Ace of Escapes?

After thinking there wasn’t much to this course, I’m now REALLY happy with what you get. This is what is included with The Ace of Escapes Online Course:

  1. Solo Drills (17)
  2. Side Control Escape Series (11)
  3. Mount Escape Series (12)
  4. Back Escape Series (8)
  5. Survival Skills and Cocoon Position

An example of how these are broken down?


Ace of Escapes - Side Control Demonstration

There’s a good explanation of how each position’s controlled… so you know how to break it.

Within ‘The Back Escape Series’ video there’s 8 sections:

  1. Underhook Side Escape
  2. Underhook to Overhook Side Escape
  3. Overhook Side Passive Escape
  4. Overhook Side Active Escape
  5. Failed Overhook Side Active Escape
  6. Hands on the Collar – Underhook Side
  7. Hands on the Collar – Overhook Side
  8. Body Triangle Escape

Ace of Escapes Back Escapes Series

The key word in the video descriptions is ‘series’:

  • The escapes are in order of effectiveness and least risk
  • Versions of the same escape are taught from less favourable positions (e.g. if your opponent already has a collar grip from the back)
  • As the escapes become more risky you’re shown which submissions you’re leaving yourself open to (and how to defend them)

Included is pdf flowcharts. These show how all of these escapes fit together:

The Ace of Escapes Back Escape Series Flowchart

There’s also some bonus videos and course updates that have been added after the course was created:

  • Escaping the Rickson Gracie Control
  • Escaping from Turtle Position
  • Jiu Jitsu for Dummies
  • Side Control Escape Breakdown
  • Mount Escape Combo
  • Back Escape Done Wrong Breakdown
  • Anticipating Side Control
  • (Click here to see if any more have been added)

Who is The Ace of Escapes Suitable For?

This course is aimed at White Belts and Blue Belts:

If you’re a White Belt I reckon this should be the first BJJ instructional you ever buy…

… because whether you like it or not you’re going to end up in these positions (a lot)

This course will definitely help. There’s 40-60 minutes of detail on each escape series:

The Ace of Escapes BJJ Online Course Outline

If you’re a Purple Belt or above?

You might get a lot out of this just for the instructional technique:

  • The coaching cues
  • How the variations are taught
  • The sequencing of different escapes into an organised system, and
  • How all of the different solo drills relate back to performing specific escapes

[Just the solo drills video gives you heaps of ideas for warm-ups… especially if you’re teaching escapes that night]

My Results From Using The Ace of Escapes

The Ace of Escapes BJJ Online Course is tough to use as an online course. It’s

  • Slower to stream because each video is a BIG file
  • Harder to navigate to revise specific techniques because each video has a lot in out

So this is how I used it:

  1. Saved the videos locally onto my iPad
  2. Watched one of the escape series videos (while taking notes in my training journal)
  3. Drilled them at home with a training partner
  4. For the next week I would then start all of my rolls in that bad position
  5. Repeat with the next position

BJJ Gift Ideas - The Ace of Escapes by MMA Leech

Out of all of the BJJ instructional videos I’ve watched I’d have to say:

This course has had the biggest immediate impact on my Jiu Jitsu and made me feel like a better BJJ practitioner

In particular:

I’m way more comfortable in these positions because I enjoy the challenge of trying to execute my ‘escape plan’

Being in bottom side-control, mount, or having my back taken is almost enjoyable!

[I actually feel a bit stupid for how long I left this course in my inbox]

Do These Escapes Still Work On Higher Level BJJ Belts?


Prof. Gustavo Gasperin is a 3x world champion. You can see him in this video actually use these techniques in the PANAMs:

[Apparently he has students using this system and medaling at the biggest BJJ tournaments in the world]

The Ace of Escapes Price: A Good Value BJJ Online Course

This course is $47 from MMA Leech.

This is value for money because it’s filled with things that you’ll use for the rest of your BJJ lifetime…

… pretty much every time you get on the mat.

There’s not too many BJJ online courses you can say that you’ll use all of the content all of the time.

MMA Leech Logo

Conclusion: Very Happy With The Ace of Escapes BJJ Online Course

Overall, I’m really impressed with The Ace of Escapes. It’s not just that I’m better at escaping… but I’m also more relaxed in bad positions, which means less silly mistakes.

So if you’re a White Belt (or newer Blue Belt) I reckon The Ace of Escapes should be the first BJJ online course you buy. You will end up in these positions, so may as well learn how to get out!

[just don’t wait as long as I did to get after it!]

Click here to check it out on the MMA Leech website

The Ace of Escapes BJJ Online Course


Depth of Content


Clarity & Teaching Style


Content Delivery


Video and Audio


Value for Money



  • Escapes are taught as an organised system
  • Good troubleshooting if doing from less favourable positions
  • Solo drills are taught which are related back to different escapes
  • All content is relevant to every time you get on the mat
  • Great value for money


  • Each escape series is in one big video
  • Would be easier to navigate if lots of smaller videos
  • File sizes are large